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Translation Services

Compugra is a global leader in Translation services.We have many years of experience in the field of Translation services and offer customized services in various industry segments, spanning different verticals.At the time of translating and localizing content from one language to others we take care of conventions prevalent in the local language instead of simply doing word to word translation,which helps your business to literally talk in real time to other businesses worldwide, sans language barriers.
Compugra uses professional grade human translators to provide document translation services in Spanish., ie., English to spanish and vice versa. We carefully pair your text to a translator with the appropriate subject matter expertise and background.we had a dedicated team of in-house and external translators and proofreaders aptly supported by our experienced & well trained project managers.This helps you to strike a chord with your clients instantly.


We deploy the right translation solutions for your business needs with a focussed approach adding value to your investments.



We give you a complete reproduction of the Original document in the target language.

We can give the translation in computerized format with a Diskette at a Very nominal extra Cost.

We can Translate more than 3000 Pages every month in each Language.