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Solutions Implementation

Customers select and roll out the SAP applications they need after careful planning. Customers need help in leveraging these solutions to realize the business goals.

Compugra SAP consultants can provide expert guidance in performing critical IT activities:

  • Creating blueprints outlining business process requirements
  • Tailoring applications to business requirements
  • Resolving conceptual and technical IT challenges
  • Performing cycle, load, and stress testing

Implementation & Upgrades

Given SAP’s evolving nature, SAP customers evaluate and implement new SAP products to improve their business by staying one step ahead of their competitors. With the increased benefits of moving to newer releases of SAP, upgrade schedules have also become more aggressive requiring customers to turn to consulting firms for assistance. Compugra commitment to completing SAP implementations and upgrades on schedule and within budget combined with our long-term relationship focus and structured methodologies, tools and templates exceeds customer expectations and delivers quality results.

Compugra team will be part of your implementation group in every capacity which suites your budget and team dynamics. We can participate as advisory, architecting, implementing and testing and support roles and functions.

Application Development & Maintenance

Compugra Systems team provides consulting services for developing and integrating customer-specific enhancements to SAP products through the SAP Application Development services. Offers also high-quality custom-development projects, including Web-enabled applications.
SAP Custom Development Projects incorporate established SAP development strategies and practices to deliver custom-developed solutions that meet unique business needs. SAP Custom Development provides direct access to SAP project teams that have the knowledge and experience to plan and execute high-quality custom development projects. Specifically, our developers and project managers will guide you through the appropriate phases of a detailed requirements analysis, scope definition, functional and technical specifications, design, development, quality assurance, acceptance testing, production, and project close-out.

With this service, customers outsource the maintenance of custom development projects to SAP Custom Development. The SAP maintenance portfolio comprises services for day-to-day help-desk support, solution testing during installation of support packages and upgrades, and software maintenance for continuous improvement.

Managing a software development project is quite different from managing a software implementation project. SAP Custom Development Project Management provides specialized management resources for custom development projects. SAP development project managers are experts in the SAP software development methodology and by collaborating closely with SAP’s core development organization, they ensure that your custom solutions are synchronized with SAP’s long-term solution strategy.

Each step of a custom development project must meet the highest quality standards to ensure that the project meets the customer’s requirements, can be maintained over the long term, and is delivered on time and within budget. The SAP Custom Development Quality Assurance service monitors the quality of custom development throughout the development life cycle. It provides a plan that specifies clear development requirements, establishes realistic schedules, and executes the right reviews (specification, design, code and project reviews) at the right time to ensure high-quality custom development.

Application maintenance services include :

  • Technical help desk support
  • Fault analysis
  • Design update
  • Upgrades and Patches
  • Code review
  • Testing
  • Documentation maintenance
  • Application Enhancements
  • Service Level Agreements based support services
  • 24×7 Support & Maintenance of application systems