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The concept of offshore outsourcing of business processes has become one of the most successful business models despite initial misconception. Contrary to the earlier beliefs that offshore outsourcing is feasible and beneficial only for large enterprises practices have demonstrated enough that this business model is profitable to almost every organization their sizes notwithstanding.

However, for reasons better understood by the industry, it is a judicious combination of onsite and offshore distribution software projects that provides the optimally successful delivery model. Clients are in a position to enjoy more advantages including significant cost reduction. While onsite involvement interfaces the clients with requirement acquisition and services delivery, the offshore back office provides access to a huge bank of talented, experienced and skilled workforce working on the state-of-the-art facilities to deliver software and IT services of extremely high quality at incredibly low cost. Compugra provides post implementation service through Level Agreement (SLA) with the client.

Compugra’s liaison person is on-site, while the Compugra’s team works offshore/near-shore. One or two Compugra’s analysts may also work on-site, if needed. The on-site staff deals with project management and client relationship management. As most of the work is done offshore, the customer achieves significant cost savings.

Compugra’s team works on-site in close cooperation with the customer. Although offshore programmers’ rates are lower than the rates of local developers, cost savings are not significant compared with the first two models. We use this model in rare cases, when a project requires constant face-to-face customer communication.