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Compugra Systems Inc., introduces IRIS based Enterprise Systems and solutions in India, USA, The Bahamas, Europe and Brazil. IRIS Access Management (IAM) is the third generation of the world's number one deployed iris recognition platform. Offering increased application versatility and integration flexibility, enrollment and recognition is easier than ever.

IAM can detect fake eye, i.e. eyes made of plastic/glass will not be detected, and it only uses the natural eyes for detection. It has a door control unit feature only activated when remote unit is registered. Enrollment report, Access report, and System reports are provided. Holidays' list can be specified in the IRIS-4000  for setting up additional access rules.

IAM can be implemented in Banks for safe deposit lockers, ATMs, Nuclear/ high Security locations, Airports security, border clearance, ticketless air travel, transportation and remote manufacturing plants for effective monitoring etc and others.Historically, identity or authentication conventions were based on things one possessed (a key, a passport, or identity credential), or something one knew (a password, the answer to a question, or a PIN.) This possession or knowledge was generally all that was required to confirm identity or confer privileges. However, these conventions could be compromised - as possession of a token or the requisite knowledge by the wrong individual could, and still does, lead to security breaches.

Biometrics is a strategic investment that offers a number of significant indirect benefits said Ram Vedantham and added that these benefits include reduction in business risk, enhanced employee experience can be ensured by accurate and fair application of labour and payroll practices and policies. Biometric time clocks can be linked to access control systems, providing a foundation for more comprehensive and integrated enterprise security. Mobile workforce management integrity can be enhanced by integrating biometrics into devices that capture time and labor data for mobile employees.

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