Interview Tips

Interview Tips


  1. Prepare your script for best skills.
  2. Have a game plan for recovery from uncomfortable question.
  3. Plan for thought provoking questions to enhance your experience to improve the perception.


  1. Prepare 15 – 20 top strong sentences (max 10 word sentences) which stand out and highlight professional achievements.  These sentences can be used to fill the gaps between the questions to raise positive energy during the discussion.


  1. Plan the session  in seconds. not in minutes.. for example 20 minute interview is 120 seconds time duration.  One sentence/ question is  normally takes  7 to 10 seconds.


  1. Small smile (even phone conversation) during answering helps adjust your energy  levels.


  1. Try top-down approach while answering: open with high level answer to establish your seniority and experience, followed by drill down specific explanation at least 2 levels down to work/ operational level.


  1. Establish that you can help others in the need of hour to reach project goals.