Hybrid Mobile Application Development Essentials

Hybrid Mobile Application Development Essentials


Today, we are living in information age; where every individual needs information on demand. And with the existence of technology, an ever-growing percentage of these devices are smart phones. The no. of users accessing internet on mobile phones are doubled in the past years, as has the no. of users downloading and using mobile apps who use internet services on their devices. As Per recent study; more than 70% of users expect the site to be loaded in less than or equals to 3 Seconds. Google found that, for every extra 5 seconds of load time, traffic dropped by 20% so; page loading is a serious business impact issue.

Now, mobile computing is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. Few things give hectic frustration when we are using it such as.., navigation with poor designed and failure of compliance check apps.

As a Developer few issues can be irritating as striving to support for wide variety of device platforms, each has its own frustrating protocols; whether it is native or hybrid.


To overwhelm those situations in the initial designing phase need to follow few steps:

  • Identify your requirements, and the meeting points in the device.
  • Identify your targeted audience, and check whether it compliance those check?
  • Use Less no. of cookies, Avoid Too many prompts.
  • Use of CDN resources is highly recommended.
  • Compress your JavaScript & Css files; this can give you a significant impact on performance.
  • Another Hectic problem is loading of too much multimedia content i.e., images, videos etc.
  • Always try to present your articles in an Elegant Way with ease of use, this attracts more customers.
  • Prefer Lazy loads for long Pages… So, that u can control the data taxing from user.
  • Always ensure that the data coming from client has content filters to preclude query injections if not that goes security of your app.