Currently above 80% of the pharmacies in US accept from healthcare provider.   EPrescription consists of electronic prescribing and dispensing of medicine.  It involves usage of Docshelpline by a legally authorized health care professional and electronic transmission of a prescription to a pharmacy.

Instead of writing out a prescription on a piece of paper by a Doctor or a physician they enter the information in DocsHelpline EPrescription module.  Once entered by the doctor or health care provider the EPrescription appears at designated pharmacy thru agreed private, secure mode.

Once the prescription is electronically transmitted it can be retrieved electronically to the patient as indicated in the EPrescription.  Once the medicine has been given to the patient then it needs to be reported back by the pharmacy.

EPrescription s are fast, they are at your pharmacy before you leave your health care provider or doctors office.   It is easy as you do not have to drop the prescription first, wait and then collect the medicine.  No handwriting problems or interpretation issues.  Easy for pharmacist to provide prescription based on your insurance coverage

DocsHelpline EPrescription will be built with features which would help pharmacy to have Comprehensive prescription drug database, Drug and allergy interactions software, FDA approvals and Integration with patient billing software and medical clearinghouse software